Reported Issues and Questions

Here's our current list of reported issues and questions. We are updating this list as things change.


  • Email notifications about messages between members don't contain information about which post is being discussed. (1357)
  • Password reset email are sometimes delayed or not received, or go to Spam folder. Here's what to do if you have issues with resetting your password.  
  • RESOLVED. Emails opening slowly or not visible in Outlook desktop app.(1432)

Online messaging

  • In some cases, the unread message counters are inaccurate (both on the envelope icon/message headers and on specific message threads). (1313)
  • Some message threads are not being marked "Read" even after being read and replied to. (1129)
  • It is not currently possible to delete old message threads. (1423)
  • Post replies made by clicking Reply by Email do not currently display in our online messaging system. If the original post reply is via email, all correspondence will be via email. If the originall post reply was online, all correspondence will be via our online messaging system. (1315)
  • The field for typing your message is small and doesn't show the entire message as you type. The message sends when you hit "return" or "enter" on your keyboard. (1354)
  • Not able to view the entire message window, particularly the box to type your message and the Send button. Scroll bars do not work on this window. Try this: make sure your cursor is within the message window, then use your mouse scroll wheel or laptop track pad to scroll down OR zoom your browser view out until you can see the whole message window. (1463)


  • The number of results shown at the top of the search results page don't match the actual results shown. Some searches show a number of results but no posts are listed. We believe this is because the system is counting posts that are not currenly available because they are closed or pending approval by Town moderators. (1472)
  • Some items that are visible on the Dashboard, My Posts or Town page are not included in search results. (1472)
  • Items listed in a Digest email are not found in search or visible on Dashboard or Town page: Since posts in digest emails can be up to 24 hours old, there is a chance that the item has already been given away.
  • Closed posts appear in search results. Clicking on a post that has been closed may result in a 410 error. This happens particularly with posts that had previously been edited and then closed. (1503)
  • US state and Canadian province abbreviations entered in Find Towns search do not produce a list of Towns in the requested state or province. Try this: spelling out the full name of the state or province in the search box to see a list of all towns. (1462)

Error Messages

  • If you get an error message in the 500 range (500, 503, etc.), this is a code or server issue. Specifically, a 503 error is probably an indication that what you were trying failed because some part of the system timed out (database, email, etc). This is likely temporary and trying again later it will work. If you experience repeated 5xx errors even after trying again at another time, please report this by clicking the Contact link at the top of this page and include details of what you were trying to do when you saw the error.
  • Error messages in the 400 range usually mean that the post you are trying to view is no longer available, possibly because it was closed or is awating approval by the Town moderators for approval. You may also see the post details grayed-out.

Unsupported or problematic apps, operating systems and browsers

Please See Operating Systems, Browsers, and Applications not working well.

Viewing posts

  • All posts for a Town aren't displaying on Dashboard, even when you click Load More multiple times. This is related to filtering and is particulaly noticeable when you filter your Dashboard on a specific Town and that Town has only a small number of posts. A workaround is to view the posts directly on the Town page. (1352).
  • No posts display on Dashboard, My Posts, or Town page. 
    • If you are using an older iPad, iPhone or Windows Vista or XP, See Operating Systems, Browsers, and Applications not working well.
    • If you are not using one of the above devices/operating systems, there could be an issue with the setup of the Town page. Please click on Contact link at the top of this page or the question mark icon at the bottom-right of any page of the website to report this issue, and include the name, state/province and country of the Town where posts are not displaying.
  • Unusual characters appearing in post titles. These appear particularly when members include a forward slash (/) or brackets in the post title. Our tech team are working on resolving this. (1315)
  • Clicking the "Show photos full size" link in the post details window doesn't enlarge the size of the photo. If the photo was below the maximum allowed size when uploaded, then it will be enlarged when the link is clicked. If it was already the maximum size, it cannot be shown any larger.
  • RESOLVED. Sharing posts via Facebook and Twitter, and copy/pasting the URL into emails are all not curretly working due to an issue with the configuraiton of the URL. (1523)

Making and Editing Posts

  • Post takes a long time to submit or seeing spinning circle icon. Sometimes the post is made while the icon is spinning and he email is sent, but photos are not included in the post or email. If not, please try making the post again later. (1171)
  • Including Photos in posts    
    • Sometimes photos aren't uploaded while making a post. If this happens, please try making the post without the photo and then editing the post to add the photo. (1389, 1171)
    • One photo appears as a black rectangle when making a post using iPhone. Making a post using an iPhone and adding multiple photos sometimes results in one of the photos appearing as a black rectangle. If this happens, please try editing the post and removing and replacing the black photo. (1278)
    • Photos don't appear in the post in the order in which they were uploaded (1286)
    • Photos upload but don't appear on the published post. You may have hit the "Post Item" button before the photos finished loading. Please make sure the photos fully display on the Make a Post form before hitting "Post Item." If you still don't see all the photos, please try editing the post to add the photo.
  • Posts shared to Facebook contain a message about Internet Explorer not being supported. (1596)

Member Accounts and Account Settings

  • Member Since date is inaccurate. We are aware of this minor issue. (1184)
  • 500 error OR an "Undefined" or "Unknown" error when trying to update settings on the My Settings page. Please click on the Contact link at the top of this page, or the question mark icon at the bottom-right of the Settings page and send us a message with a screenshot of your entire settings page BEFORE changes (we especially need to see the top section), and let us know which settings you were trying to change. Many members find they are able to edit settings if they close their browser and try again later. (1498)
  • "Password" error when making changes to settings to changes other than password. This may be caused by your password manager (particularly Last Pass) trying to insert a password automatically. Try disabling or logging out of your password manager and then changing your settings.


  • Sections of email footers not yet translated. (1050)
  • "Cancel post" in post actions not yet translated.
  • Some of the documents linked from the onsite footer are not translated.


  • There is not enough contrast between text and background colors on the website and in emails. We are working with a consultant on making improvements to the way text displays in emails and on the website, to improve contrast and readability. (1376)
  • General accessablity needs improvement. We are working with consultants to identify specific areas and make improvements. (663)


  • The Alerts feature is currently online only. It will also send emails in the future. (870)

Notes for Town Moderators

  • For Town Moderators: the new Modtools3.0 is under development. Click here for information on using legacy modtools with FC3.
  • The ability to send Files and Admins to all members of a Town group is temporarily disabled due to an issue where many multiples of the email are being sent. Workaround is to create a post on your Town to communicate to members.
  • Automatic file sending (for example, Welcome email when a new member joins) is only working sometimes. (1461)
  • Contact mods email sending is erratic at this time. Workaround is to check Mod Tools for pending Members and Posts, and your Contact Moderators messages on at least once daily. 
  • It is not possible for a moderator to initiate a conversation with a member using My Messages This is by design. Mods who need to contact a member a Town should use Modtools to send a message or send via email.

Last updated Septebmer 28, 2021

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