Problem with signup

Here are some common problems people experience when signing up with and what to do about them

  • First, make sure you are starting at and not using a saved or bookmarked link.
  • You enter your details and experience a "loop" back to the signup or login page: Clear Freecycle cookies from your browser.
  • You get a message that your email address, username, or password is not recognized or is "in use": Clear Freecycle cookies from your browser.
  • Your email address is not valid or not accepted: 
    • If you have already signed up with an email address that is an alias, you will not be able to sign up again with the original address (or vice-versa)
    • If your email address has a " -" (hyphen), you will not be able to create an account if there is already an account with the same address without the punctuation (or vice-versa). If you have (or can create) another email address, it would be best to use that to sign up. 
  • Your chosen username is not accepted: 
    • Try adding numbers to the end to make it unique (keep in mind that your username is visible to other members)
    • Username cannot be an email address or contain the characters @ or / or #, or any empty spaces
    • If you update the username and you still see the message that the username is in use, try clicking into another field in the signup form. This should force the system to recheck the username.
  • The Sign Up button does not turn green and isn't clickable after you have entered your information
    • Check all the input fields for error messages and correct any before proceeding.
    • If you are allowing your browser to auto-fill the password, try deleting that password and typing one in.
  • Trying to signup with Facebook? See more information about linking your Freecycle and Facebook accounts here. Please note that Facebook signup is only an option. It is never required.

If you are still unable to sign up, click the Contact link at the top of this page and provide the email address you are trying to use to sign up and a detailed description of what you have tried and what happened, including any error messages you received. Our Help Team volunteers will be happy to assist.

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