My Towns

Towns is the new name for Freecycle Groups

Why did we change the name?

What's new

  • View your Towns in a list or on a map.
  • View and search for posts across all of your Towns on your Dashboard.
  • Communicate with your Town moderators online.

What  hasn't changed

  • On Freecycle, a Town can be a single city or town, an area or neighborhood in a large city, or multiple smaller towns grouped together.
  • Same names, geographical area coverage, and local volunteer moderators.
  • Join multiple Town groups.
  • Set email preference for each local Town group.

My Towns

  • From the site homepage/Dashboard, click on My Towns.
  • On the My Towns page, click List View to see the list of local Town groups you belong to.
  • Click on the name of a Town to open that Town group's page.

Town Page

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