Help and Contacts

We care about your experience with Here's how to get the information or help you need:

  • Contact your local Town group Moderator team when your question is about something happening in your Freecycle Town group. Your volunteer moderators can help with all Town-related questions and problems.
  • If you need help using the website, have technical issues, or have a question that your local Town moderators can't help with, click on the Contact link at the top of this page to send a message to our Help Team volunteers. 
  • Click on the question mark icon at the bottom-right of the screen or the HELP link at the bottom of any page to see answers to common questions about using or ask for help from our Help Team volunteers.

  • For questions about our data privacy policy or to request deletion of your data from our database, email and include the email address you use for your Freecycle account.
  • Write us at: The Freecycle Network™, P.O. Box 294, Tucson, AZ 85702 (it might take us a while to respond to written inquiries).

Please remember that Freecycle Town moderators and and support teams are volunteers who do this in their spare time, and allow time accordingly for them to respond to your message.

Sent us a message and haven't heard back?

If you have clicked the green question mark to send a message or emailed asking for help with your Freecycle account, but have not seen a response from us, please check your Spam folder. If you find our emails there, mark each of them Not Spam, which will move them to your inbox. From there you can read, reply, and safely delete them

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