Block and Unblock another member

Blocking another Freecycle member will prevent them from seeing and replying to your posts and from communicating with you

To block a member, go to that member's Profile. There are a few ways to do that
  • If you already know their Username, just add it to the end of this link:
  • Search for them: Click on My Friends, then on Add Friends (don't worry, you will not be adding them as a Friend), and search for the member by email address or username, then click on their name to go to their Profile.
  • Find a post they have made and click on the post name to open the post details. Click on their username to open their Profile page.
  • If that member is in your Friends Circle, Click on My Friends, and select the member you want to block. Please note that blocking a Friend will also unfriend them.  If you just want to unfriend them and still be able to reply to each other's posts in Town groups, click on Unfriend instead of Block.
Once you have found the member's Profile page, click Block.
  • The Block button changes from "Block" to "Blocked".
  • The blocked member will not receive any notification that they have been blocked. 
  • You will no longer be able to see or reply to each other's posts, or to communicate with them via the Freecycle website. 
  • Note: For now the blocked member can still communicate with you via any open message threads. This is a known issue that will be fixed later. 
To unblock a member you have blocked
  • Go to the member's Profile using one of the ways described above.
  • Click Unblock
  • You will now be able to reply to each other's posts and to communicate with them via the Freecycle website.
  • If you wish to include this member in your Friends Circle, send them an invitation.

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