How to make a post

Making a post for an Offer or Wanted item is easy, and there are some great new options

To get started, go to and log in, if necessary.

Click on the Make a Post button at the top of any page. 

If you don't see the Make a Post button, you need to join a Town before you can make your first post.

To Post to your Local Town group:

  • Select Town Group
  • Choose a Town group to post to (required field)
  • Select type of post by clicking on Offer or Wanted (required field)
  • Give your post a title that lets readers know what you are offering or asking for (required field)
  • Upload up to three (3) pictures by clicking anywhere in the photo upload box and selecting photos (Offer posts only; photos cannot be included in Wanted posts).
  • Add your neighborhood, area, or nearest cross street to let others know approximately where you are located. Please do not include your street address or email address. You can set a default location in My Settings.
  • Add a longer description that gives a really good idea of what you are offering or asking for (required field)
  • Select one or more tags. This will help people find your item in searches and ensure it's included in alerts.
  • Click Post Item 

To post the same item to another group: follow the above steps again and select another Town. 

If you experience any issues making posts, please check our list of Reported issues and requests to see if your issue is listed.

To Post to your Friends Circle:

  • Select Friends Circle
  • Select type of post by clicking on Offer, Wanted, Lend or Borrow (required field)
  • Complete the post as described above

Made a mistake? Want to edit your post or add more photos?  Now you can edit your posts.

Now you will see all replies to your posts online. See here for more information.

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