My Messages

Now you can manage most of your Freecycle communications online

Most messages between you and other members and Town moderators are in our online messaging system, in My Messages*



Town Group Moderators

  • See your Town moderator's responses to your messages.
  • To initiate a message to your moderator, or to see your group's Notices, go to My Towns.


  • Get a Notification when another member sends or accepts a Friend invitation.
  • Get updates and system notifications
  • Please note that at this time we're experiencing an issue where messages in this section of My Messages are not marked read, even if you have read and acted on them. Our tech team are working on fixing this.

User Tip:

  • You may have multiple replies to your post. The username of each member who replied is displayed on the left side of the mesage window. If you had a lot of replies, and you're using a computer, you may need to use your mouse scroll wheel or track pad to move down through the list. The scroll bar on the right of the message window does not control this list.

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