Your Dashboard is your control center for all of your Freecycle.org activity

  • View and reply to posts in any or all of your Town groups.
  • Search for specific items in an individual Town or across all of your Towns.
  • Access your Profile, Settings, Alerts and Messages.
  • If you get lost, just click the Freecycle.org logo on any page to return to your Dashboard.
You can customize your view
  • The default view shows posts from all your Towns.
  • Click on the drop-down list to view a single Town.
  • Click Friends Circle to see posts made by your Friends.
  • Filter on post type: Offer / Wanted / Lend / Borrow. To return to viewing all posts, click on the post type again.
  • Click on Select a tag and choose a category to narrow the list of posts to a specific type of item.
  • Choose list view or grid view.
On a computer

On a phone

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