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      Add to your Friends Circle

      You don’t need to know whether or not your friends are Freecycle members to invite them. If they’re not, they’ll be able to sign up when they respond to your invitation. Since the whole point of Friends Circle is to gift and lend among people who know each other, friends should be located near enough for you to easily pick up each other's posted items.

      From your My Friends page, click the Add Friends or Add More Friends button

      • To invite friends who are Freecycle members: type their email address or username in the Search for members to friend box. (Doesn't work yet in Alpha)

      • To invite friends via Facebook: Click on Invite Facebook Friends to Freecycle. This will open a message in Facebook Messenger. A link to the Freecycle signup page will be sent to all the Facebook friends you include in the message.
      • To invite friends by email:  Enter one or more email address, separated by commas. Your friends will receive an email invitation. If they are Freecycle members, they will also receive a Notification in My Messages.

      When friends accept your invitation, you'll see them on your  My Friends page.

      When you receive a Friend invitation

      • You will receive a Notification
      • Click on the link in the Notification to view the other member's profile and accept or reject the invitation.
      • When you accept another member's invitation, you will see them on your My Friends page.

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