How to Unsubscribe

If you're thinking of unsubscribing, here are your options:

Unsubscribe yourself: Scroll down to the bottom of any post email you received from us and click the Unsubscribe link. You will remain a member of Freecycle and your Freecycle town, but we will stop sending emails about new posts.

We can unsubscribe you: Click Contact above and send us a message that contains the word "Unsubscribe." We will set your account to receive no post emails from your local Freecycle towns. You will still have a account and remain a member of your towns, and can make and and reply to posts on our website.

Delete your account completely: If you don't want to be a member of Freecycle anymore, here's how you can delete your account yourself. Or, we can do it for you. Just click Contact above to send us a message with the username and email address you use for Freecycle and ask for your account to be deleted. This will stop all emails from us to that email address. You will no longer be able to make or reply to posts.

Are you receiving too many emails? You can change your email preferences and receive fewer emails or no emails at all.

Are you're moving, or just don't want to be a member of a particular Town group anymore? You can retain your Freecycle membership, but leave a Town, which will remove it from your My Towns list and stop all emails from that Town. You will no longer be able to make and reply to posts on that Town.

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