The Profile page shows the information a member chooses to make available to other members

My Profile

Click on the My Menu icon and select My Profile to see the the information about you that other members can see when they click on your username in a post or when someone in your Friends Circle clicks on your name in My Friends.

To upload a profile photo, add a tagline or make changes to the information that displays on your profile, go to Settings.

Other Members' Profiles

To see another member's profile, click on a post to show the detail, then click the Username, or reply to a Friend request

  • A member's profile page displays name, photo and tagline if they choose to include them in their Settings. 
  • You can also see the Towns they belong to and their active posts. To reply to their posts you must either belong to the Town the posts were made in OR be a Friend.
  • Send a Friend request to make them part of your Friends Circle.
  • If you're already friends, you can send a message, or unfriend them.
  • You can use Report to send a message to our central management team, but if your issue is with a member of a specific Town, you'll get a faster resolution by contacting that Town's moderator team directly.
  • NEW! Block a member, which will prevent messaging between the two of you, and you can no see or longer reply to each other's posts. You can also unblock a member you previously blocked.

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