Report scams, spam, or inappropriate post or communication

To report an inappropriate post or activity by another member

Do not reply to any messages you receive, but do save them in case the Freecycle team needs to review them.

If the post is still listed on your Town group page, Friends Circle or Dashboard
  • Click on the post to see the detail
  • Click Report and add any additional details to the report form. Don't delete the post ID number that is already there. This tells us which post you are reporting.
  • Click Send.

OR contact the Moderator of the Town group where the post was made
  • Click on My Towns and then on the name of the Town in which the post was made
  • Click Contact Moderators. In your message, provide the following:
    • The Post ID of the suspicious post. You can find this in the individual post or digest email you received. If you don't have the ID, provide a description of the item in the post.
    • The Freecycle username, email address and any other contact information you have for the member whose activity is causing concern.
  • When the moderator replies, you'll see it in the Contact Moderator section of My Messages. You'll also get an email if your email preferences are set to receive emails for moderator communications.

Your Moderator will investigate the post and member and consult with other Freecycle volunteer team members and let you know when the issue was resolved. They may contact you for further information.

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