Email not received

Here are some common problems with sending and receiving emails

You received a message that your reply could not be delivered. It could be that you are trying to send an email to our "no-reply" email address
  • Always use the Reply by Email link in our post emails, rather than hitting "Reply" in your email program. This will create a reply email in your email program with the correct reply-to address. Or you can use the Reply Online link. If you reply by email, all communication about this post will be by email. If you reply online, all communication will be online in My Messages.
  • To respond to a message from your Town group moderator, use the link in the email or use the Contact Moderators link in My Messages.

You replied by email and haven't had a response from the other member
  • When you reply to a post email, our system delivers your reply to the other member's email system, but it is possible that the other member didn't receive your reply because their email system marked the message as spam and not deliver it.
  • It is also possible that the other member received your email but chose not to reply.

You can also set your email preferences to get fewer or no post emails and do most of of your  communication with moderators and other members right on in My Messages

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