Town search tips

Having trouble finding your Freecycle Town? Here are some tips

When looking for your nearest Freecycle town, start here: Find Towns


  • Use the Find a Town search in the middle of the page, not the Search Items box or button at the top of the page. 
  • Make your search more general: use your city name without the state, province, or country, then scan the list for the town in your area.
  • The cities of London and New York have a separate Freecycle Town for each borough. Search for your borough.
  • You can see all the Freecycle towns in a particular state or province by typing in the full name: California will show all towns in the US state of California.
  • Note that US states and Canadian provinces cannot be searched using the abbreviation. Try spelling it out: instead of MA, use Massachusetts; instead of BC, use British Columbia.
  • Many town names are found in multiple states, provinces, and countries. Review the search results list to make sure you select the correct one. Example: there are six Freecycle towns called Cambridge: five in various US states, and one in the UK.
  • Note that search by zip or postal code is not possible.

Find it on the map

  • On the Find Towns page, click on Map.
  • There may not be a Freecycle town with the exact name of the town you live in. Your closest Freecycle town could be in a nearby area. The map shows you all of the towns near you.
  • The first time you use the map, you will be asked to allow Freecycle to know your location. Choosing Allow will center the map on your approximate location. If you choose not to allow, you can navigate around the map and zoom in until you find your location.
  • As you zoom in closer, the numbered dots will separate into pins showing individual Freecycle Towns. Click Join to join a town, or click on the name of the town to go to the town page, where you can view posts and use the Join Town link at the top of the page.

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