Using Mod Tools with FC3.0

We are excitedly awaiting the future launch of Mod Tools 3.0. In the meantime, the current Mod Tools will continue to work as they do now, with some exceptions.

Navigating to Mod Tools: You'll see a new icon at the top of every Freecycle 3.0 page that will take you to your Mod Tools 

Admins, Files and Town Notices:  Admins are disabled for 3.0, and you'll use Files to post Notices to your Town page. Click here for details. The ability to send a File/Notice to all of a Town's members by email, which is currently disabled due to a technical issue, will be re-enabled shortly.

Group Description is now called Town Info: You edit it in Mod Tools under the Info and Options Menu/Edit Description the same way you always have.

Managing member email preferences 
  • There is a new Email Preference type, "Absolutely no emails," which means the member will not receive any post and Town notice emails from your Town. They will still receive notifications by email when someone replies to their post, or when another member replies to their post reply. Important Note: you will not be able to set this setting for members until Mod Tools 3.0 is live. Members can set it themselves online, on their My Settings page.
  • To make the preference names more clear, "None except Admins" has been changed to "None except Admins/Files" and members who select that will not receive post emails, but will receive Town Notice emails.
Messaging members from Modtools
  • Being able to read, reply to and track messages from members is a great new feature of Freecycle 3.0. However, all messages that originate from Moderators to members will still be sent from Mod Tools. This will continue to operate as it has in the past for post rejections and "Send them an email" messages from the members listing. 
  • Because admins are disabled in 3.0, and until the ability to send a File/Notice to all of a Town's members by email is re-enabled, you may want to consider making a post to communicate with all of your Town members.

Group links is no longer a separate page on Freecycle 3.0. You may want to create a File for your Town Notices page that contains links you want to share with your Town members.

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