What happened to Files and Admins?

Notices have replaced the current Files and Admins. Admins are no longer used. Files now appear as Notices under My Towns on your Town group page when you create a File with the text of the file IN the message (not as an attached file). Below is a list of example Notices on Freecycle Sample Group. 

Who can view which files?

Since Notices on the new website are Files, it works the same way Files work on the current site (the red notations above are just to indicate how each File was set up and they won't appear on the website).

Just as on your current group page (click on the Group Info, then Files), the view of the Notices page will be different dependng on the user: Anyone can see Notices marked as "Everyone;" Town group members will only see the Notices marked as "Everyone" or "Mod Team and Members of this Group;" Mods will also see "Mods and LMs" or "Only LMs" depending on their level.

To see or change the settings for each File: 
  • In Modtools, click on Group Files in the left menu Select a file and click View/Edit 
  • Under Accessible to, select who you want to be able to see the file 
  • Click Save Changes (if you have made changes)
Moderators, please note the following: 
  • Admins will not appear on FC3.0. Please take this opportunity to create new Files from any Admins you wish to keep as Notices on FC3.0. While you're at it, this is a good time to edit the visibility of your existing Files. The text of the file must be in the message, and not an attached file.
  • Emailing of Files to all Town members is currently not available due to a technical issue. Members will still see the Notices on the website, and emailing will re-enabled shortly. In the meantime you may want to consider making a post to communicate important information to your Town members
  • File descriptions show up instead of file names under Notices. Please make sure your descriptions contain the information you want to display.

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