My Account Was Deleted

If you aren't able to log after trying our recommendations for login issues, your account may have been auto-deleted by your email provider

The most common reason for accounts being deleted is that emails from Freecycle are being "bounced" (not delivered) by your email provider. Emails from Freecycle may have been marked by your email provider as Spam (with or without your knowledge, and possibly without being sent to your Spam folder), causing your email provider to send our system a message instructing us to stop sending you email. This triggers an automated response by our system to change your email preference to the next lower setting and could eventually result in your account being deleted.

If this has happened, you will need to sign up again and re-join your Town(s).  

Before proceeding, please clear the Freecycle cookies from your browser to remove old information that may prevent your browser from recognizing your new registration.

You should be able to use your previous email and username. We recommend selecting a new password.

To help prevent Freecycle emails from being marked as Spam in the future, please add: to your contact list/address book. 

If you find Freecycle emails in your Spam folder, mark them as Not Spam, which should move them to your inbox, where you can safely delete them. When deleting Freecycle emails, delete them from your inbox rather than using the Spam button to clear them.

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