Can't send a message

Can't send a message? Here's what may be happening:

What you may experience

  • You type a message and hit Send but nothing happens. Tip: look behind the message window and you will probably see a pale red message box saying that the post is closed. You may see this message after you close the message window.
  • You see a message saying that the post is closed or canceled, or doesn't exist. 
  • You see a message that says "hmmm this is taking a long time..." followed by a message that something went wrong and advising you to contact the Help team.
  • You can't type in the text box and the Send button is gray.
  • You don't see the message thread in My Messages.
  • You can't see where to type your message and there is no Send button. See this article for help.

What could be happening

  • The post could have been Canceled by the posting member, or marked Taken more than one week ago, or it has Expired, or the moderators have removed it. In all of these cases, messaging stops.
  • The post may be awaiting moderator approval. When a member edits a post and that post needs to be reviewed by the moderators, messaging is temporarily suspended. Messages can be sent again once the post is approved.
  • The posting member has blocked the member they are trying to send a message to. Blocking a member stops all messaging between the two members. You will need to unblock the other member before you can send them a message. Here's more informaton on blocking and unblocking members.
  • The other member has blocked you. Message threads are not displayed to blocked members.

If you are in the middle of arranging a pickup and you need to contact another member, you can ask your town moderators to help you get in touch. Here's how to send them a message: Contact Town Moderators.

If this article hasn't answered your question, please click the Contact link above and send a message with the details of the issue you are having. Our Help Team volunteers will be happy to assist.

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