Can't send a message after post is marked Taken

You should be able to continue messaging the other members who replied to your post for one week after marking the post Taken. After one week, messaging is no longer available. The message thread will be deleted 90 days after the original post was made, when the post itself expires.

Here are some things you may experience:

  • The message box is gray and contains a message that says the post has been marked taken or received. The Send button is also gray.
  • You are able to type a message, but when you hit Send, the message doesn't send. You may see an error message in the background behind the message window saying that this post has been closed.

If you were in the process of arranging pickup, please contact your town moderators to ask them to help you get in touch with the other member so you can complete your pickup arrangements. You will need to give the moderators the other member's username.

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