My post is still awaiting approval

To find out the status of a post that is waiting to be approved, please contact your Town moderators. Here's how:

Please remember that Town moderators are volunteers who perform this service in their spare time, so your patience is appreciated.

Here is some additional information about posts that are pending approval:

  • You will not be able to edit your post until it is approved. If you no longer wish to have the post appear on the website, you can Cancel it. However, if you Cancel it and then recreate it, your post will still have to be approved.
  • If you edit your post after it is approved, it will go back to the Town moderators to be approved again.
  • We are currently experiencing an issue where posts that were approved, and then edited and approved again, and then marked Taken are being sent back to the moderators to approve. We are working on changing this so that Taken posts do not have to be approved.

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