Problem posting with photos

UPDATE January 28, 2024:

We believe the issue with photos has been resolved for all members.

If you continue to experience a problem making posts with photos, please click the Contact link above and send our Help Team volunteers a message describing what happens when you try to make a post with one or more photos, including any error messages you see.

-The Freecycle Help Team

Some members are still experiencing an issue when making posts with photos. We do know that the majority of posts made with images-- particularly those with just one image-- are going through. We want you to know that resolving this issue is our technical team's top priority. It is a challenging issue to nail down as it as it is not occurring with all members, or at all times with each member. Please know that we are focusing on fixing this but, frankly, we don't know when it will be completely fixed. As a charitable nonprofit with one engineer, we all have to do what we can do "protect the quarterback" so he can keep focusing on the most urgent issues. With over 85 servers on various continents and nearly 11 million members and about a thousand ton(ne)s of items being posted daily, there are a lot of moving parts, to say the least. Special thanks to our system administrator, who has put in a lot of time on this as well. We truly appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this issue.

If this happens to you, here are some things you can try:

  • First, please make sure you are making an Offer post. Photos are not available for Wanted posts.
  • Your photo must be one of these file types: JPEG, JPG, or GIF. The system does not accept PNC, PDF, HEIC or HEIF files at this time, and PNG files are also not working. These need to be converted to one of the acceptable file types before uploading.
  • The issue may be related to the size of the file your are uploading. Try uploading files that are less than 199K each.
  • If one photo fails, try a different photo with a different filename.
  • If you see the "Undefined" error message, or the Post Item button is not active or has the red circle with a line through it, try closing your browser tab, opening a new one, and starting a new post.

Since this issue happens intermittently, our best advice is to keep trying.

Other photo-related issues that have been reported

  • Drag and drop doesn't always work. Please click "Click on this and select files" to upload your photo.
  • If you can't upload multiple photos, make the post with the ones that will upload (or no photos) and edit the post later to add the rest, one at a time, saving after each addition. Here's how to edit a post: Manage Posts. Please note that posts that originally had to be approved by the town moderators will need to be approved again each time they are edited.
  • Photos do not display in the order uploaded.
  • Even though photos have been successfully uploaded, they may not display in emails, but they do display on the website and other members will see them when they click the Reply Online link in the email.

Last updated January 28, 2024

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