Modtools Pending posts FAQs

How do I see other posts by the member whose post has come up for approval? Clicking on the post title opens the post detail popup, which has recent posts by the member. For a full list, click on the username to see the member profile page..   

When I try to approve a post I get this message: "Please make a selection before applying actions." It sounds like you forgot to check one or more of the checkboxes on the left side of the post.  

I'm not getting emails about pending posts. Check your email preferences in the Overview section, Email settings page. If that is checked and you're still not receiving emails, check your spam folder. 

How can I send a customized message when I reject a post? Here's how: 

  1. Select the post 
  2. Click Reject
  3. Start typing your message in the blank message box. If you don't see a message box, select "Custom rejection message" in the pulldown list. 
  4. Click the yellow "Reject post" button in the bottom. 

How can I send a file with a post rejection? The reject post pulldown includes a list of all your Town's notices. Click here for more information on sending Town notices with post rejections.

When I send a message with a post approval, where does the message show up? You and the member will both see this message in My Messages. In addition, the member should also receive an email notifying them about the message. 

There's not enough detail about which hotword sent a post to pending. This change was made to preserve the confidentiality of our master hotwords list. 

Why can't I see the post rejection message in My Messages/Contact Moderators? Although the messages you send with approved posts do display in Contact Moderators, rejected post messages do not. Another thing to be aware of is that members are able to reply by email to post rejection messages. We're working on this.

Click here for more information about approving posts.

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