Modtools Send a Town notice with a post rejection

When you reject a post, you have two options:

  • write a custom rejection note
  • send a Town notice  

For common post-reject reasons, sending a notice saves time and helps keep your messaging consistent. 

Creating a notice

When creating a Town notice to use for post rejections, set Access to Mods Only. The list of Town Notices displays notice title rather than description.

Sending a notice with a post rejection

When you're rejecting a post, click on "Custom rejection message" and choose the appropriate notice from the pulldown. Note that the list of notices displays the Subject line on the Town notice rather than the Title. It will help avoid confusion if your post descriptions and titles are similar.  The post title won't be visible outside the moderator team, so feel free to include supplementary info that might be helpful. 

Keeping track of notices you send

If you want a record of the file you are sending, make a moderator comments, as in the example below. This comment will show up on Mod Activity.  

IF YOU GET A 500 ERROR WHEN SENDING A POST REJECTION NOTICE: This probably means your notice is corrupted. Delete your notice and create a new one. 

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