Announcing changes to Post replies

We have made some changes to Post replies:

  • After much feedback from members who expressed concern about the discoverability of their email addresses in post replies, we have decided to stop including them in the headers of our emails. This means that it will no longer be possible to reply to a post by email. 
  • Members will no longer have to check both emails and online for post replies. All replies will be online. 
  • The email notification you receive when you have an online message now contains more information about the post, including the username of the member who sent the message and the title of the post the message is about.
  • These changes enable us to maintain general privacy standards as well as those outlined in our Privacy Policy and should also result in a reduction in spam and scam messages.

More info on online messaging and replying to posts here:

How to reply to posts

How to read and respond to replies to your post

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