What is temporary moderation and how is it different from permanent moderation?

What is temporary moderation and how is it different from permanent moderation? FC3 modtools has two types of moderation for members: temporary (new member moderation) and regular (permanent) moderation. When a new member joins your Town, they are placed on moderation for the time period that you specify in Town settings. Permanent moderation is for members who can't be trusted to follow guidelines for your local Town group. 

How do I put new members on moderation? With FC3 mod tools you can specify if you want new members temporarily modded and for how long. In Town settings, choose a time period of 0 if you don't want new members modded or pick a specific number of days from the pulldown. Members will automatically come of moderation at the end of that time period. 

How can I change temporarily moderated members to permanently moderated? In Member search, filter your member list by temporarily moderated. If you only have one member to change, click on the member name to go to the member profile. Unmoderate and then Moderate again. 

If you have more than one member to change, put a check in the box next to the members you want to change. If you have more than two boxes checked, you'll see the Bulk Actions pulldown. Choose Moderate from the pulldown. 

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