Modtools Town Settings FAQ

How do I set expiration period for posts? Post expiration is now set at 90 days for all Town groups, for both Offer and Wanted posts.

How do I change the default email option for new members? The default email option for all Town groups is now Digest. Members may change their own email settings in My Settings. To find out how you can change email subscriptions for one or more members of your Town group, click here

Where did the zip/postal codes go? Before FC3, only a few moderators were keeping track of postal codes, so we decided to scrap those for FC3. The onsite map is not searchable by postal code, but our Google map is searchable by just about any parameter (landmark, postal code, town, etc.) 

There are too many choices for time zones. Help! We use an open-source list for time zones. Below is a short list of commonly used time zones. Click here for a global time zone map

  • America/New-York
  • America/Chicago
  • America/Denver
  • America/Los_Angeles
  • America/Toronto
  • America/Vancouver
  • Europe/London

For detailed information about Settings in Mod Tools, click here

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