Welcome to FC3 Mod Tools!

After several years of development, we are finally ready to launch our redesigned version of mod tools. 

Here are some of the improvements in FC3 Mod Tools: 

  • Add a moderator-only note to a member's record or a post
  • A new type of moderation just for new members
  • Send a message to a member when you approve their post  
  • More sort and filter options for member lists
  • Search the entire Freecycle.org site for a word in a post
  • Start a conversation with a member without using email
  • Bulk add/delete hotwords
  • A Mod Tools help beacon similar to the big green question mark on the member site

For a detailed user guide, please click here: https://freecycle.org/pages/ModManual/ModTools#Contents

We think you'll love the new mod tools, but if you have any questions or problems, please contact us via the mod tools beacon (the orange question mark on mod tools). 

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