Replies to my posts

    How to view and respond to replies to your post

    Important note: If the initial reply to your post was by email, then all correspondence with that member will be by email. If their initial reply was online, then all correspondence will be through our online messaging system.

    We apologize for the inconvenience. We are working on upgrading the online messaging system so that it will show replies recieved by email in the future.

    Viewing post repies online on
    • This will take you to My Messages
    • Select Replies to My Posts.
    • Click on the green arrow to the right of each post to see the replies.

    • All replies to your post that were made online will be listed on the left side of the message box. Click on a member name to view and respond to that member's messages. Your message will be delivered online.

    Replies by Email
    • You will receive emails at your registered email address when members reply to your posts by email. When you reply to the email, the messages will go back and forth between you and the other member via your email application.
    • Currently, these messages do not appear in our online messaging system.

    When your item has been picked up, please remember to mark your post as taken or received

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