FC2.0 contact information

We care about your experience with Freecycle.org. There are several ways to get the information or help you need:

Contact your local moderator team. They can help with questions about using Freecycle.org and with all Town Group-related questions and problems.

If you need to complain formally about your group's moderators, email us at  help@freecycle.org and someone will be in touch. 

Email us at  help@freecycle.org and one of our volunteer Support Team Members will respond.

To volunteer as a moderator, email us at  volunteers@freecycle.org

For questions about our data privacy policy or to request deletion of your data from our database, email  privacy@freecycle.org

Write us at: The Freecycle Network™, P.O. Box 294, Tucson, AZ 85702, USA (it might take us a while to respond to written inquiries)

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